Tuesday, 28 September 2010



I just really liked the shortness of this animation and how it's humor.


lighting - i like the use of lighting how its mundane when he's at work, and it focuses on the main character and the musician, then at the end when he smashes up the cd player the lighting comes back to the reality.


I like the idea of a never ending tale here, you can see the animation live on after the visual is over

Zombieland - Rules

I like the idea of a mockumentary of whats going on in scene.

Red vs. Blue

Using existing characters and working with them and altering there original purpose. Like the idea of altering a fairytale to be told from another perspective.

Animation Mentor featured Short in news letter

The French Restaurant

Nice simple concept and gives the animator the opportunity to show off their animation principles

Animatic - http://www.animationmentor.com/newsletter/0610/feature_short.html

The above link shows nice animatic work

Lumiere Beauty and the Beast

I like the exaggeration used in Lumiere which i could repeat in maya with simple deformers of squash and stretch if i were to animate an object.

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