Monday, 8 November 2010

More inspiration

I have changed my idea from a girl dancing with her shoes to something more dynamic.
It's basically a dancer at an audition but she's not very good at dancing, as she's dancing the piano music gets faster and faster that the dancer is trying her hardest to keep up! Even the pianist is putting all her effort into keeping up! We also have the spotlight trying to keep up with the dancer on stage. So everything is effected by this piece of music! Meanwhile the judge of the audition is sat there looking astonished at whats going on on stage.

So here's some stuff i thought would be good to use for inspiration in my piece too.

Toma and Jerry - Concertino

Also for the crazy dancing which is a little odd I am looking to Fantasia

Music mix of firstly nice soft music, Fir Elis

then goes to a frantic playing of the Flight of the bumble bee

So to neaten up my script

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