Monday, 20 September 2010

What to do next?

What to do first?

Well i wasn't quite sure where i should start with creating my pitch and story idea for my third year. So i went hunting online about creating an animated short, what makes a successful short and all the hard work needed to produce something that will be entertaining to watch.

So typing in animated short into amazon i came across many books about film language, script writing and producing stories an so forth.

The two which i had chosen to get were,

Ideas for the Animated Short, finding and building stories, written by Karen Sullivan, Gary Schumer and Kate Alexander.

and The Alchemy of Animation, Making an Animated Film in the Modern Age - Don Hahn

I have read all of the 'Ideas for the Animated Short' as i found it fascinating learning about the differences between animated feature films and shorts. This book has valuable interviews regarding building your story, pitching your idea tips and much more. This book is a valuable source and I intend to refer to it during working on any short films made in the future.

I have yet to read more of The Alchemy of Animation but i imagine it's also full of priceless information.

Narrative or Non-linear narrative?
I would like to be involved in a narrative piece because I haven't really touched upon creating a story, and It's something that I am interested in exploring and I want to get a better understanding of how it all works.

Before this comes in the brief says to -
'collate and contextualize successful examples of media forms and show how this will inform the development of their finished piece'

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